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Owners and collectors of Glen Loates artworks frequently contact us with inquiries. They may have inherited a framed artwork or set of prints, or bought one at auction, and wondered what the value is either for insurance purposes or perhaps for resale. Questions arise about what exactly they have. Is it a reproduction, or is it an original? Has the artist signed it?

We regret that we are unable to help you get an answer to your questions. There are many variables to consider, and unfortunately, we do not have the staff to respond appropriately to the many requests that we receive.

There are unnumbered decorator prints which may or may not be personally signed by the artist. Limited edition prints are usually smaller in numbers published and sold out long ago. Now they are only available on the secondary market. Value depends very much on the law of supply and demand, the condition, and the particular image's popularity. 

As a takeaway, we can provide you only with this ballpark pricing:

Un-numbered prints that are not originally signed can range between $50 - $250USD, depending on the size.

Unframed, Limited Edition prints that are signed can range from $1000 - $4000USD, depending on the size and scarcity.

Glen Loates originals are quite valuable and should only be appraised by a professional appraiser.

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